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Tasty Tasty Tasty!
Steve, London

"Best tasting Indian"
Best tasting Indian by far. We love your food. The portions are generous too. The service is great. Thank you for the christmas card last year. Much appreciated. We have told so many people about your restaurant. Hope your business prosper.
yogi, Brixton Hill


"best indian"
The best indian food in Brixton
Edward, Chillman

"best Indian I've had in London"
The best Indian I've had in London by far - we go almost every Friday. The staff are always friendly and I would definitely recommend it.
Ross, Brixton

"very very tasty"
I try a chiken or lamb boona from bombay inn It was very very tasty I don,t eat this type of before Raja norbury london
Raja, Norbury

"Best curry shop"
Best curry shop, we drive for 30 min just for it and wont eat any where else !
Kerry Matthews, Hackbridge

"Most delicious Indian style food I have yet found in South London"
Although I have not yet dined in, I have twice ordered takeaways from Bombay Inn and have found them to be the most delicious Indian style food I have yet found in South London. I agree with an earlier reviewer that it is hard to come by a quality place and so I will keep returning here! Especially nice is the tandoori chicken as a starter! Very succulent and well seasoned.
Alex, Streatham Hill

"We have been proudly going to Bombay Inn for many years"
In South London there is a shortage of high quality Indian Restaurants that are also good value. Bombay Inn ticks all these boxes and we refuse to eat in or have take away from any other Traditional "Indian" restaurant.

Not only do the staff look after you but all the orders are customisable. Almost everything we eat is not on the menu and everything that is can be made hotter, milder, sweeter etc.

Finally if this is your first time eating indian food do ask for recommendations on what to eat and tell them what sort of tastes you like.

Jiten & Sally, Norbury

"Gorgeous food, lovely staff."
will recommend to all my friends and have booked another dinner for next week. Cant wait
Anonymous, Bombay Inn

"Food has been sensational"
I've been here three times and each time the food has been sensational. They even manage to make okra edible. The service is high class waiter is very frindly,I go back because it's good, but not as often as I otherwise might,good luck bombayinn
helen, london

"Excellent, the service very good"
My name is mrs Roberts i live in brixton. I went to the bombay inn with 1 year son and four friends . The food was Excellent, the service very good I would recomend the BOMBAY INN again. GOOD LUCK
Mrs Roberts,

"High quality and good value"
We have dinned in many times and had lots of takeaways and the food has always be high quality and good value.
The staff are always friendly and we will continue to eat here and would recommend to all.

Erik and Debby,

"The Bombay Inn is a lovely place"
The Bombay Inn is a lovely place with attentive staff, varied menu and generous portions.

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